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This innovative tech company is launching a satellite to take on the Government GPS monopoly

Over 60,000 people have already joined the movement disrupting the $11+ Trillion location market.
Pictured above: CNBC talking about this breakthrough technology backed by a leader in the location hardware business since 2012.
TRENDING NOW | 2019.01.16
Writer & Contributor, DECENTRIC
In 2018 when nearly 1,000 cryptocurrency projects fizzled out, one of the fastest-growing blockchain companies did something unheard of.

On November 9th, they held a conference just a few blocks from their headquarters in downtown San Diego, California.

Over 700 investors flocked there all the way from Australia and Uganda.

Actor and comedian Ed Helms was even there, too!
It was standing room only, and everyone was there to learn more about this company developing the world's first decentralized location network.

But more importantly, they would witness history in the making...

After six months of late nights and over 500,000 lines of code written by their genius blockchain engineers, it would all come down to a single moment.

You could cut through the tension in the room with a knife. 
Pictured above: Co-founder Scott Scheper speaking to a crowd of over 700 cryptocurrency enthusiasts and mainstream investors.
From the back of the room, a drone hummed to life.

On the stage was a device called a Bridge.

Attached to the drone was a Sentinel.

The drone soared above the crowd and safely made its way to the stage.

You could hear a pin drop.

And then just a handful of seconds later on the big screen for all to see...

The first ever peer-to-peer location-reliant transaction in human history that triggered a financial transaction WITHOUT involving a fee-sucking bank. 
Called XYO, it's being called "the most exciting thing since Bitcoin and Ethereum".

The company behind it is XY, a leader in the location hardware business.

XY actually started as a location hardware company in 2012 with just 7 employees. 

But thanks to the meteoric rise of XYO, it now boasts over 75 brilliant computer scientists, hardware geniuses, and PhD researchers.  

Part of our core team works at XYO, but we're not excited about them for that reason alone! 

Over the past several years, XY has quietly built over 1 million tiny location beacons that help you find and track your lost items.
Attach one to your keys or even your pet, and the mobile app will send a signal to alert you where they (or Charlie) are hiding.

What the brilliant minds at XYO are doing, is bridging blockchain with the real world by tapping into these location beacons.

The result is the world’s first location-based, trustless, decentralized oracle network that rewards you for using it.
In the world of blockchain, a concept exists called an "oracle". An oracle is an off-chain data source that feeds information to what are called smart contracts in order for them to execute.

For instance, one can create a peer-to-peer prediction application that awards the winner 100 ETH after a sports game concludes if Team A beats Team B by programming it to check's API one second after the game ends. In this example, is what's called an "oracle".

The idea behind XYO is similar. Except, instead of calling out to to get the score of a sports game, it enables one to call out to the real world to get an item's geolocation!

This is a game changer because XYO enables smart contracts to call out to the real world to program functionalities like, "When item A gets to XY-cordinate (latitude, longitude), then send 100 ETH to wallet address `0x1234...`

Imagine hopping on Amazon to order something and not a single penny is charged to your credit card until it's delivered to your door.  
Or saving the airline industry and travelers hundreds of millions of dollars per year through a decentralized, trustless system for tracking and locating luggage.

These are just one of many applications utilizing XYO. 

For the first time ever, blockchain will have the power to move from the digital world to the real world. 

And even more powerful will be the ability for anyone, anywhere in the world to carry one of these small devices in their pocket and earn XYO whenever they help verify the location of other devices nearby!
XYO partnered with Spaceflight Industries and is launching a satellite in December 2019 on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.
At the time of this writing, XYO is in the top 1% of cryptocurrencies worldwide and quickly growing!

Perhaps even more exciting is XY, the company powering XYO, qualified for the SEC's Reg A+ Equity offering.

Thanks to this special qualification, this means you can invest in the hottest blockchain stock of 2019 WITHOUT the risks normally associated with blockchain projects (which have zero government oversight or accountability).
When you invest in XY and the location infrastructure of tomorrow, you receive the same reports and financial statements one traditionally EXPERIENCES only from mature, late-stage U.S. public companies.

This means...
  • Audited financial statements from trusted third-party accounting firms
  • Regular filings and updates previously only available to public companies
  • A fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of shareholders at all times
Plus, everyone who joins the XY family gets the chance to own the XYO Geomining Kit that earns you the fast-growing cryptocurrency XYO!
Bottom line: Owning XY Equity provides you with exposure to the lucrative opportunities of this incredibly exciting space.

And if that's not enough, you get to stay involved in their journey through regular filings, shareholder letters and audited financials!

For a project to have this level of oversight and accountability, is unprecedented and a major win for people everywhere.

However, there is some bad news...

XY is limited by the SEC to sell only $50 million in equity to the public.

This means that once this amount of XY Equity is sold out, you won't be able to purchase directly from the team and at the current low price of only $8 per share.
We recommend purchasing directly from the team for one major reason...

When you purchase XY Equity from the official website, 100% of the funds go directly towards developing the XYO Team and Technology.

Alternatively, if you were to purchase through a third party, your money just goes to flippers, traders and speculators.

And, if XY were to go public in the near future, you could pay many times higher than the current share price!

You're also joining an amazing community of over 60,000 people, including Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem and National Geographic CTO Marcus Delano East who both sit on XY's advisory board.
After publishing this article, we were able to get a special offer from XYO's Community Manager, Johnny Kolasinksi, and he's given us an exclusive link for our readers! 

Once you purchase XY Equity from their site using this special link, you'll receive an EXCLUSIVE "Investors Kit" directly from the XYO Team that you can only get by purchasing directly from us! 
It includes goodies such as an XYO T-Shirt, Hat and more!

Important: Because it is an SEC Qualified Reg A+ Securities Offering, once the limited supply of XY Equity sells out at only $8 per share, it's gone forever.
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